The Officiant FAQ's

How long have you been officiating weddings?

I’ve been performing wedding ceremonies for the past 9 years. I was originally an associate officiant under another wedding officiating business before branching out on my own and starting my own wedding officiating business now known as The Officiant.

What do you wear when you officiate weddings?

For me it’s important that I don’t stand out; this is your moment! This is why I always wear a black dress. Also, I recognize that I will be in some of your photos and have always found that black is professional, reserved and timeless.

How long before the ceremony start time do you arrive at the venue?

I arrive at all of my ‘Full Package Wedding’ ceremonies 1 hour prior to the start of your ceremony. This gives me the opportunity to connect with the two of you, the vendors that make up your vendor team, speak with your DJ/Band regarding a microphone/mic check (if one is being used for the ceremony), and time leftover to connect with your guests; your family and friends who will be celebrating this day with you.

What sets you apart from other wedding officiants?

I have a way of connecting with people and making them feel comfortable that not everyone possesses. I’m very easy to talk to, and make you feel as if you’ve known me for much longer than we actually have. I’m an excellent public speaker and am able to captivate an audience and truly set a tone. It’s important for an officiant to be able to go with the flow, be able to catch cues, and handle unexpected things that may arise - this is me! One of my strongest qualities that I’ve heard from many of my couples is how I made them feel calm at a time when they thought they would be so nervous standing in front of all of their family and friends. My job is much more than simply standing up and reading words off of paper…it’s about ensuring that your wedding ceremony is unforgettable by not only you, but everyone who is there witnessing this remarkable moment in your lives.

How do we obtain our marriage license?

In the State of New York your marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date that it’s issued. When you’re ready I always suggest calling ahead to the town/city clerk's office that you plan to go to verify if you need to make an appointment. Once that is set you will go together to the clerk’s office with two forms of identification each; generally it’s your certified birth certificate and driver’s license/non-driver’s license/passport. If you’ve previously been married you will also need to bring a copy of your divorce decree. Once there the clerk will fill out the marriage license with your information. You will then both sign the marriage license and take it home with you. This will then be signed by me; along with at least one witness after your ceremony.

Do we obtain our marriage license in the state that we reside in?

No, you’ll actually obtain your marriage license in the state that you’re getting married in. For example, if you’re getting married in the State of New York you can go to ANY town/city clerk’s office in the State of New York to obtain your marriage license. **You do not need to be a resident of NY State to get married in NY State.**

What can we expect from you as our wedding officiant?

You can expect someone who is professional, who knows the importance of communicating with her couples, someone who’s genuine, a great listener, fun, warm, easy-going, someone who will not only connect with you, but your family and friends on your wedding day, and someone has an amazing energy/aura that surrounds her.

What is your favorite part of the wedding ceremony?

I think my favorite part of the wedding ceremony has to be when the couple has come together and is standing with me; in front of their family & friends. That moment is filled with so much emotion for you as the couple, and is that moment when I feel like you’re saying to yourself; “It’s finally here, I’m getting ready to marry my best friend!”

Why did you get into wedding officiating?

I am a people person and love connecting with people, and what better way to connect with people than when bringing them together in marriage.

Maria’s personality is fantastic and she has a great sense of humor

- John & Megan
Let's Connect!

What does your wedding ceremony mean to you? How do you want to feel? How do you want your guests to feel? These are just a few questions I would encourage you to ask yourself because they are REALLY important questions. Your wedding ceremony is a moment that should excite you, because I can say with all certainty that they absolutely excite me. Let my presence; my calm, warm, welcoming, positive energy help ground you; not only so you remember your ceremony, but so it sets the tone for all that comes next. What should your guests be talking about at your cocktail hour and beyond? How amazing and unforgettable your ceremony was.



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